Alumni Memorial Union Room Rental Policy

University departments and registered & approved student organizations will not be charged for use of meeting/event space(s), AV and Non-AV equipment or labor when criteria as defined in the Guidelines for Determining MU Facility Usage are met.

Fees apply for use of Dance Floor and Pipe & Drape as staff scheduled beyond normal operating hours is required.

Normal cleaning of the room will be the responsibility of the union staff. A user may be charged any cost resulting from conditions caused by the group which require additional staff or additional cleaning to restore the room to the pre-event condition. For safety reasons, users may not change room setups.

Charges for the full cost of repair or replacement will be made by the user for any damages to the furnishings, equipment, or facilities whether accidental or purposeful.

Authorized AMU staff will operate all audio-visual equipment that belongs to the Alumni Memorial Union.

Sodexo Dining Services is the preferred catering provider for Marquette University and as such will be the option provided by the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Office. For events held inside the Alumni Memorial Union Ballroom(s) Lunda Room, Innovation Kitchen and Marquette Place (when the serving areas is open) Sodexo Dining Services has exclusivity and no outside food is permitted. Sodexo’s exclusive rights will also apply to University Hosted and Non-University Events, as defined on the Guidelines for Determining MU Facility Usage, regardless of event location.

Food and beverages are not permitted inside the Varsity Theatre or Weasler Auditorium. The lobby areas of these buildings are approved for food.

Any group that sponsors an activity or event is responsible for the actions of guests and participants and/or the proper use of the facilities, furnishings and equipment in the scheduled areas by the guests and participants attending the function. Some events may require security as requested by the sponsoring organization or by the Alumni Memorial Union or both. The decision to retain appropriate security will be made by MUPD following a discussion with the sponsoring group leadership.

The Alumni Memorial Union does not assume responsibility for damages to or loss of any materials or equipment left by groups in any of the buildings or on display or in storage.

In the interest of personal safety of guests, students and staff, the following rules must be followed:

The space reserved for each particular function is not to be used in excess of the normal seating capacity.

All aisles leading to exit doors must be kept clear and unobstructed.

Exit doors must not be fastened or obstructed so that the doors can be opened readily.

The following are prohibited in the facilities:

Commercial Solicitations (including distributing any kind of written or printed materials, sales of goods or services, including foods, buy back of books, etc.) on University property at any time.

Commercial Solicitations that relate to the promotion or consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or products or services that are contrary to the policies or mission of the University, are prohibited.

Decorations, displays or exhibits that require flame or water. (Hurricane candles can be used on tables. No open flame.)

The use of tape, glue or adhesive on the walls, ceilings, windows, door frames, columns or staging for attaching material.

Confetti and/or throwing of rice.

The use of nails, screws, tape or glue to suspend materials from the ceiling or light fixtures.

Any other activity that could physically damage the building or its furnishings or equipment.

The following are prohibited unless special permission is obtained from the AMU Event Management Office.

The use of amplifying systems in the building, the hallways, the food service areas or other rooms or outdoor spaces

The rearrangement of furnishings in the facilities

Approved vendors, at the discretion of the AMU Event Services Office in cooperation with appropriate campus approval, may be permitted to sell their products at specified locations on campus based on defined contractual terms.

A copy of any contract for live performances is expected to be on file, be reviewed, and be approved by the Office of Student Development and AMU Event Services Office before any event is publicized and taking place. A copy of the contract must be submitted to the AMU Service Office for review. Waivers and releases may also be required per the Office of Student Development. Contact AMU Event Services to secure space reservation(s) for live performances prior to beginning the contract approval process.

The AMU Event Services Office will coordinate security services at the discretion of MUPD.

As you plan large events in some of Marquette’s major venues, you may find you have additional staffing and security needs. Please note that some events may require security staff. The AMU staff are available to help you determine what is needed for your event and they are able to make staffing arrangements for you. In some cases, AMU Event Support and Security can be used in place of or in partnership with MUPD officers. Please work with your assigned Event Coordinator to arrange staffing.

  1. Doors for events will be opened and tickets will be on sale one half hour before the event start time unless otherwise requested by the sponsoring organization.
  2. Ticket sales in AMU facilities are permitted in approved areas by AMU staff following university ticket production and distribution protocol.
  3. Each event at the Varsity Theatre is entitled to one (1) line on the marquee listed in order by date with the name and time of the event. Arrangements for this are on a request basis through the AMU Event Services Office, and are at the discretion of University needs and events.
  4. All applicable federal, state, and municipal laws and ordinances, and all other rules, regulations and policies of the university shall be observed and enforced in these facilities.
  5. Violation of applicable policies could result in the following actions being taken, singularly or in combination:

A warning that the activity was inappropriate to the facility

Payment for any labor, repair or replacements costs caused by the violation

Forfeiture of the use of space for a stated period

Referral to other campus offices for action; additional sanctions may apply