Campus Event Approval Policy

Campus Event Approval Policy

2020-2021 Academic Year

Due to the health, safety and campus space and facility usage concerns caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the use of campus facilities for events, as well as off-campus sponsored events, will need to be approved by the campus COVID Recovery team before the event can occur. For purposes of this process, “Events” include gatherings, meetings and activities that require the reservation and usage of gathering space across campus. This document does not supplant existing event and activity approval processes like the Student Organization Approval Policy, rather it serves as an intermediary between such existing policies and processes and the COVID Recovery team approval process.

The COVID External Contacts Subcommittee on Events must receive event proposals for review prior to submission for consideration by the COVID Recovery team, who will review the submissions for their compliance with safety guidance. The COVID External Contacts Subcommittee on Events will work with groups to try to find the appropriate means to hold their event while mitigating risk as much as possible. It is the intention of this process that as the risk level evolves and diminishes across campus and the greater Marquette community, the Subcommittee on Events will seek to open up events and increase activities and the reservation facilities as the University moves through the Recovery Plan Steps and as medical, and public safety conditions and regulations permit. Whenever possible, campus meetings and events are encouraged to be held virtually to de-densify and mitigate the risk of transmission on campus.

Campus Events Submission Form (Google browser recommended)

Guiding Principles

The Subcommittee on Events has established the following guiding principles to consider when reviewing submissions. These principles are listed in order of importance:

1.  Events that lead to the academic and professional success of our students have the highest priority.

2. Non-academic student-oriented events or activities that contribute to the campus experience for our students.

3.  Events that contribute to the long-term health and fiscal well-being of the University.

4.  Specially approved events that contribute to Marquette’s role as a contributing community partner or member.

All events must adhere to applicable governmental and municipal guidelines regarding physical distancing of presenters and attendees, appropriate personal protection equipment, and room or facility capacity guidance. Events must also meet the existing campus recovery plan phase protocols. Per the Campus Recovery Plan, any events that involve off-campus visitors are also discouraged. Should an event require off-campus visitors, it would require special approval as identified in #4 above, and these guests must follow the Campus Visitor Screening Protocol as listed in the latest step in the University Return to Campus procedure.

On-Campus Events

Event management offices on campus (AMU, Law School, Library, Office of the Registrar, and others) may approve campus community recurring events and activities if the parameters of the events remain within the guiding principles listed above and have a consistent and regular set of parameters. Colleges and other University units may also approve smaller events and meetings in spaces the unit manages. Examples of such events include standard academic or departmental meetings that fit within the COVID-19-restriction-informed parameters and reduced capacity limits of the rooms in their normal management purview. Such parameters will be established by the Subcommittee on Events in consultation with the various management offices, Facilities, Planning & Management, and the COVID Recovery team.  Campus constituents are reminded that campus meetings and events are encouraged to be held virtually whenever possible to de-densify and mitigate the risk of transmission on campus.

University departments and student organizations must request space through MARQUEE through the Division of Student Affairs and the Alumni Memorial Union Event Management. Should a request fall outside of the normal use parameters of the space, space availability, and activities of these offices the request will be forwarded to COVID External Contacts Subcommittee on Events for approval. Please allow 21 days in advance of event for reservation to be processed.  An online form will be available for requesting reservations.

Law and Dental students must work with their individual schools when planning meetings and events.

Food service is also discouraged at campus events in order to mitigate the risk of transmission on campus. Should an event need food service, there will need to be expressed permission for food to be served. Food and beverages should not be brought in from off campus.

In an effort to de-densify the residence halls on campus, the Office of Residence Life will not be opening the various meeting rooms, rehearsal spaces, and break-out rooms until further notice. Meeting spaces under the purview of the ORL should be considered closed and unable to be reserved for use.

Off-Campus events

If a room or facility is not available on campus due to prioritization of space, an event can be proposed to be held in an off-campus location with prior authorization from the Sub-Committee on Events and/or the Campus Recovery team. Official Marquette events and student organization events held off-campus will be approved if said event were approved should a campus space be able to accommodate the event. If the event would not be approved on-campus, it is unlikely to be approved for off-campus activity.

Since Admission and Advancement related events directly pertain to guiding principle #2 listed above, the Office of Admissions and the Office of University Advancement will be able to proceed with off-campus, in-person activities when no air travel is required (per Marquette’s current travel policy policy) and the non-Marquette event host is abiding by COVID precautions as strict or stricter than Marquette’s.

University Athletics

This policy does not apply to Marquette University Athletics competitions that are specific to student-athlete activities as these have been adjudicated separately by the COVID Recovery team and are governed and guided by NCAA, Big East, state, and municipal guidelines.