Campus Food Provider Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to serve as a resource for university departments and student organizations that are considering providing food as a part of an activity. Sodexo Dining Services is the preferred catering provider for Marquette University and as such will be the option provided by the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Office. For events held inside the Alumni Memorial Union Ballroom(s), Union Sports Annex, Lunda Room, Innovation Kitchen and Marquette Place (when the serving area is open) Sodexo Dining Services has exclusivity and no outside food is permitted. Sodexo’s exclusive rights will also apply to University Hosted and Non-University Events, as defined on the Guidelines for Determining MU Facility Usage, regardless of event location.

University departments and student organizations that choose an alternative provider must adhere to the following:

  • For health code and safety reasons, food may only be provided by a fully licensed and insured provider.
    • An exception allows for student organizations to provide food that has been prepared in their own kitchen when serving under 20 guests or anticipated catering costs are under $250. In such cases use of the Food Waiver will be required. If furnishing/preparing food, the following is expected: 1) comprehensive written ingredient list shall be provided, 2) food handling and safety guidelines will be followed (wearing gloves, hand washing, maintaining proper temperatures, etc.) and 3) thoroughly cleaning up after the event.  DURING THIS TIME THE EXCEPTION WILL NOT BE PERMITTED AND IS EXTENDED THROUGH SPRING 2024.  THIS WILL ALSO APPLY TO BAKE SALES - ALL ITEMS MUST BE PRE-PACKAGED AND PREPARED BY A LICENSED PROVIDER.
  • The student organization or university department representative is responsible for coordinating all food set up, monitoring and clean up; including disposal of trash.
  • Meeting spaces are equipped with small trash receptacles which are not conducive for large amounts of trash. Please do not dispose of large volumes of food or liquid in the small receptacles.
  • At the conclusion of your meeting or event, please collect all food related trash and leave tied plastic trash bag by doorway for Facilities staff to collect and dispose as they prepare the space for the next group. If your event is in the Alumni Memorial Union, large trash bags are available at the University Information Desk as needed.
  • University department or student organization will be billed a facility cleaning fee should excessive clean-up be needed following the event.
  • Delivery of outside catering cannot pass through food service kitchens nor can service elevators be used by the caterer.
  • Access to meeting/event space will not be granted to food vendor personnel without a student organization or department representative present at the time of delivery. If outside food is delivered by a food vendor, the event host is responsible for coordinating pick up at the time of delivery.
  • Event space will remain locked until the group representative responsible for coordinating the event arrives.  
  • No employee of the Alumni Memorial Union will accept deliveries on behalf of the organization or be made responsible for locating the receiver.
  • Groups providing own food and/or beverage for events will not be granted access to catering kitchens, or any food service area, including sinks and personnel.
  • Sodexo will not provide food service related supplies or utensils from the AMU or dining services to utilize for outside catering; this includes linens, plates, chafers, cups and napkins.
  • Sodexo will provide beverage services, in the same event location, when food from a licensed provider is also being utilized. There will be a 5 gallon minimum on beverages including, but not limited to, lemonade, party punch, coffee, juices or iced tea orders. Canned and bottled beverages, charges based on consumption, can also be provided.  Ice cores of water will not be provided.
  • University departments are not permitted to hold pot lucks (defined as home-made food) in any reservable space.
  • Bake sales are not permitted in the Alumni Memorial Union. See Office of Student Development Student Handbook, Section 5.
  • State law prohibits customers from bringing alcohol beverages in campus facilities.  If alcohol is desired the customer should coordinate a bar set up with the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Office.

For questions or clarification, please contact the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Office at (414) 288-0628.


12/16/18 (LL)