Marquette Place Use Guidelines

Alumni Memorial Union Marquette Place Programming

The AMU Marquette Place is a visible, high traffic area, making it an ideal location to host an event. When using this space for programming, please adhere to the guidelines described below.

University Departments, recognized and approved Student Organizations, as well as approved off campus users may utilize the Marquette Place space. Student Organizations must have prior approval of the event from the Office of Student Development two weeks prior to the event day. All requests for this space, as well as all event details, must be approved by and planned with a full-time event coordinator in the Alumni Memorial Union Event Services Office. Customers will be provided with a writing confirmation to confirm their reservation for this space.

Guidelines for ALL Marquette Place Programming/Events

  • Up to six (6) stage risers (note: each riser is six feet by eight feet). This would allow for no more than eight people dancing or a 20-25 member chorus
  • Use of Space MUST be reserved no later than 2 weeks from the event day to ensure space, staff, and equipment availability.

Guidelines During Regular Business Hours

  • Generally regular business hours are Monday through Thursday 7:45 a.m. - 11:45 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • The AMU Assistant Director and AMU Director of Retail Dining Services must approve all off-campus sponsoring organization requests for the use of Marquette Place during normal operating hours. Generally, off campus groups are not permitted to utilize Marquette Place Monday through Thursday.
  • Set up of the event must not interfere with operating hours and/or services provided by the Marquette Place Dining Services Staff.
  • Events scheduled in the Marquette Place during normal operating hours will not include closed or private events, or events where participants might linger for long periods of time.
  • Volume must be at a comfortable level (at the discretion of AMU Staff).
  • Events requiring admission fee will not be allowed as the Marquette Place is a public space.

Guidelines Outside of Regular Business Hours:

  • Programming outside of regular business hours will be defined as any programming occurring Friday and Saturday after 3pm.
  • Generally, Marquette Place is not available for programming on evenings (Sunday through Thursday) as it used for study space.
  • Additional set up fees may apply. Please inquire with an AMU Event Coordinator for more details.