Letter of Recommendation Service

College of Health Sciences Letter of Recommendation Packet:

Please make sure you print all 5 required forms. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it! We have designed it to help you prepare for your application, and also to give your letter writer as much information as possible to write a unique, positive, high- quality letter of recommendation.

DO NOT distribute packet to letter writers until AFTER Laurie Goll looks at it, scans it, and sends you the digital copy with the official pre-health cover sheet.

  1. Recommendation Cover Form(You do not need to know your letter writers yet--can leave that blank when you turn it in to Laurie Goll.)
  2. Letter of Recommendation Form for Students
  3. Activities Worksheet (be sure to include the descriptions)
  4. Unofficial transcript (available on CheckMarq; Learn how here.)
  5. Questionnaire/Reflection/Motivation Sheet (This helps your letter writer highlight key qualities that you have developed to become a good health care professional (e.g. leadership, problem-solving, creativity, analytical thinking, motivation for your profession, service orientation, teamwork, communication skills, resilience, adaptability, etc.)

Drop off your completed packet in the Health Sciences Dean’s Office, SC 244, in January or February of your application year.

  • In order to utilize this service, students must meet with Laurie Goll, CHS Pre-Health Advisor. We recommend meeting with her in the Fall of your junior/application year.
  • Make sure all five documents are included when you submit it to Laurie Goll.


Click here to see a sample completed packet: LOR SAMPLE PACKET



  1. Drop off your completed packet in the CHS Dean’s Office, Schroeder Complex 244. You should have your packet reviewed by Laurie Goll before sending recommenders the packet.
  2. On your recommendation cover form, you will be asked if you waive your right of access to the letter of recommendation (FERPA). We strongly recommend that you waive your right of access to the letter. The reason we recommend this is because health professions programs want a candid assessment of applicants. If you have not waived your right, admissions committees may not weigh the letter as heavily as they would if you had waived your right. Also, since most of our letter writers assume confidentiality when they send letters to our service, we do not show students the letters or reveal contents of letters, regardless of whether you waived your right.
  3. Each individual recommender/letter writer needs their own version of the Recommendation Cover Form along with the rest of the packet. You should ask your letter writer if they would prefer a hard copy or a pdf via email.


  • Personal statements are usually about one page single spaced and answer the question, “Why do you want to be a (doctor, dentist, etc.), and why will you be a good one?” See individual application websites (AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS, etc.) for specific character limits.
  • For help writing your personal statement, you can visit the Writing Center in the Raynor Memorial Libraries, Room 240.
  • Laurie Goll can also review your personal statement draft and give advice and tips for enhancing your statement.