Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs (INIA)

“I believe a lot of people, including myself, choose to study INIA and other related majors with the assumption that we can bring justice to an entire situation or system that we are passionate about. The important thing for us to remember is that the best thing for us to do is understand all the layers first, find the layer that intrigues us most and that we are best equipped to speak on, and begin to bring clarity to that situation.”

--INIA Alumnus Alex Halloway (MU ’18)

Events and Opportunities

Follow Marquette MUN:  Delegates Attend Collegiate MUN Conference in Chicago (April 16th and 17th)

Marquette Model UN delegates in Chicago.


INIA Alumni Panel:  April 7th Video Recording

Screenshot of Virtual INIA Alumni Panel Event

Two-Night Panel Discussing Russia's Invasion of Ukraine:  Video Recordings (March 23-24, 2022)

Photo of a packed audience attending the first night of two-night panel discussing Russia's Invasion of Ukraine.

INIA Newsletter:  May 2022Front page of the INIA Newsletter

2021-2022 INIA Scholar of the Year: Congratulations Lilli Kenfield!

      Portrait of Lilli Kenfield, graduating senior and winner of the 2022 INIA Scholar of the Year Award.


Sigma Iota Rho and Pi Sigma Alpha:  
Students Recognized In Joint Induction Banquet and Ceremony (April 28th)
Photo of newly inducted Sigma Iota Rho and Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society members.