These lower-division courses are prerequisites required for International Affairs concentration courses. They will give you a better grasp of international affairs across disciplines, setting you up for success when you begin taking your concentration classes. Many of these courses can be used simultaneously to satisfy university core curriculum requirements and requirements for other majors.  Since many of these courses are prerequisites for other required courses, you should complete these courses as soon as possible.


Economics Courses 6
Principles of Microeconomics  
Principles of Macroeconomics  
Political Science 6
Comparative Politics  
International Politics  
History - Choose two of the following: 6
Growth of Western Civilization to 1715  
Growth of Western Civilization since 1715  
History of Latin America  
East Asia  
Ancient Greece and Rome  
"The Great War": World War I, 1914-18  
Middle East  
Environmental History: Ecology and Society in the Modern World  
The Black Death  
The Cold War  
Modern China