Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs (INIA)

“I believe a lot of people, including myself, choose to study INIA and other related majors with the assumption that we can bring justice to an entire situation or system that we are passionate about. The important thing for us to remember is that the best thing for us to do is understand all the layers first, find the layer that intrigues us most and that we are best equipped to speak on, and begin to bring clarity to that situation.”

--INIA Alumnus Alex Halloway (MU ’18)

Events and Opportunities

Spring Break Travel Abroad Course:  ECONI 3040 Applied Global Business Learning: Guadalajara, Mexico -- 3 credit course counting towards INIA, stateside classes in the U.S. then traveling abroad over Spring Break 2023 to participate in service-learning local development projects

Networking in INIA:  Access your profile on the Marquette Career Network to facilitate career-related conversations between you and the Marquette Alumni Network. 

INIA Newsletter:  Fall 2022
INIA banner, students walking to and from class, table of contents.

In the News:  INIA Alum Oz Bwechwa (MU '17) Launches Global Youth Support Center Welcoming Tanzanian Students to Milwaukee

Tanzanian Students navigate new lockers at Fountain Gate Academy

Research Support:  Center for Transnational Justice
Assorted travel paraphernalia such as a travel map, compass, tickets, and glasses.

2021-2022 INIA Scholar of the Year: Congratulations Lilli Kenfield!

      Portrait of Lilli Kenfield, graduating senior and winner of the 2022 INIA Scholar of the Year Award.


Internship Opportunity:  Global Education Internship w/ FHI 360, paid, remote work w/ preference for DC-based students (ideal opportunity for Les Aspin Center applicants)

Internship Opportunity:  International Institute of WI Now Recruiting Interns

Logo of the International Institute of Wisconsin

Fellowship Opportunities:  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Nov 30th Deadline

Emblem of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

MU Model United Nations:  GroupMe Link Thursday Mtgs, 5 PM, Cudahy 120

Marquette Model UN Logo

Sigma Iota Rho and Pi Sigma Alpha:  
Students Recognized In Joint Induction Banquet and Ceremony (April 28th)

Photo of newly inducted Sigma Iota Rho and Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society members.

INIA Newsletter:  May 2022Front page of the INIA Newsletter