Double Majoring in International Affairs and...

3 Rules Apply When Double-Majoring w/ INIA (a 33 credit-major):

1.  Ensure each major has at least 15 distinct credits dedicated to it (not double-counted anywhere).
2.  The remaining 18 credits can be filled with courses that count for both majors.
3.  Complete the course requirements of each major.


A description of the curriculum requirements.

Nearly half of our students declare INIA as a secondary major or add it as a minor to lend context to their primary discipline.  So while it may seem unusual for a nursing student, computer science student or economics student to pursue the INIA major, the pandemic, cyber security attacks and inflation underscore the need for global context in every discipline. 





A sample of double major combinations other INIA students have pursued.
*Note:  linked visual aids reflect the 2022-2023 INIA Bulletin.

Political Science and INIA* Economics and INIA
French and INIA Communications and INIA
Spanish and INIA Digital Media and INIA
German and INIA Supply Chain Management and INIA
Middle East and North African Studies and INIA Finance and INIA
Criminology and Law Studies and INIA Business Administration and INIA


A wheelhouse of ten different career paths in the field of international affairs.