International Affairs Program Newsletter

The INIA Newsletter is a resource for current and prospective students pursuing (or considering) the Interdisciplinary Major or Minor in International Affairs. Students will find a listing of upcoming events, internships, fellowships, scholarships, faculty and student spotlights and opportunities that develop transferable skills.

  • The INIA Newsletter is e-mailed to all students who have officially declared the INIA Major or INIA Minor.
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March 2024 INIA Newsletter

Past Newsletters

January 2024 INIA Newsletter

December 2023 INIA Newsletter

December 2023 INIA Newsletter


October 2023 INIA Newsletter

October 2023 INIA Newsletter


September 2023 INIA Newsletter
Cover page photo:  Little planet.  Aerial view of Hong Kong Downtown, financial district, and business centers in central Asia.


May 2023 INIA Newsletter

International Affairs Newsletter in May 2023.


March 2023 INIA Newsletter

Map of the world with ranging temperature colors and a welcome back from INIA Director, Professor Brian Palmer-Rubin.


January 2023 INIA Newsletter

How Will You Engage?  Plan Ahead and Pace Yourself  INIA students, welcome back to campus and the 2023 spring semester!  On behalf of all faculty, we hope that you've established a routine and rhythm you can maintain.  If you are not planning ahead and pacing yourself, STOP.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  This International Affairs newsletter shares numerous career-building opportunities relevant to each of your concentrations and many of you who are pursuing double or triple majors.  Plan ahead:  highlight 1-2 events that interest you, 1-2 internships that interest you, and 1-2 student organizations or volunteer opportunities that interest you.  Note the transferable skills.  Do they build on your interests?  Do they develop new skills?  Pace yourself:  note the deadlines.  Are the commitments feasible?  If not, step back.  Concerned about managing it all?  See "Calming the Chaos" on page 11 and sign up.    No time to read this today?  Skim page 2 and circle back over the weekend.    NEW THIS MONTH:      Not sure how to build your resume while in school?  See page 3.  Applications for summer internships are beginning to open.  At least 35 internships (and many that are paid) begin on page 13.  All internships are hyperlinked to more information.  INIA is hosting the Deputy Secretary of the International Monetary Fund and Marquette alumna, Sabina Bhatia ('89), on March 2nd (page 9).  Congratulations Dean's List recipients (page 19)!  Interested in the Honor Society (page 21)?   Not familiar with an e-portfolio?  See Student Spotlight:  Anna Nestler (page 12).  Is a study abroad feasible?  Go to the fair on February 1st (page 7).  U.S. State Dep't Reps at "Careers for the Common Good" (page 8).  Need funds to afford a conference?  See Professional Development (page 11).        Best, Jobey Clarke


November 2022 INIA Newsletter

INIA bannerhead, students walking to and from classes, and table of contents


May 20th, 2022 INIA Newsletter

Cover page of INIA Newsletter; displaying blue and gold INIA logo, an article and a photograph of the Marquette campus in spring.