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Awarded each spring to the most outstanding graduating senior in the INIA major, based on GPA, service to international studies and overseas experience.

Names are listed by date of award.

Current recipient:

2019: Meredith Gillespie

Past recipients:

2018: Jane Lorenzi
2017 - Michelle Bastanipour
2016: Sophie Torrijos
2015: Joseph Kennedy
2014: Rebecca Cauthorn
2013: Elizabeth Crowley
2012: Colleen O'Conor
2011: Lillian Figg-Franzoi and Molly Giese
2010: Andy Marshall
2009: John Marrin
2008: Caitlin Madden
2007: Conor Sweeney
2006: Joseph Gietl
2005: Ryan McKean
2004: Sophie Reuning
2003: Eric Heyer
2002: Adrienne Lauzon
2001: William Schmitt
2000: Stephanie Elderkin
1999: Kathryn Weber
1998: Mary Kempen
1997: no award
1996: Jeffrey Hornung
1995: Katherine O'Laughlin
1994: Amy Kuemmel
1993: no award
1992: Rita Neuman
1991: John Brady



Interdisciplinary Major in
International Affairs

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