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The INIA minor requires the following courses:

I. Background Courses

Background courses in economics: Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 1103) and Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 1104)

Background courses in political science: Comparative Politics (POSC 2401) and
International Politics (POSC 2601)

II. Required Courses

An upper division course in international economics: ECON 4040. If you have a strong background in economics there are other options. Check with the INIA coordinator.

The following upper division political science courses: International Law (4601), International Organizations (POSC 4611), Politics of the World Economy (POSC 4621), and World Conflict and Security (POSC 4631).

The Senior Capstone Seminar in International Affairs (INIA 4997) This course is offered every spring semester and should be taken as late in a student's career as possible. It is described in the "Capstone Seminar" section of this Web page.

For additional information about the INIA minor, contact Dr. Barrett McCormick at (414) 288-6842 or by email


Interdisciplinary Major in
International Affairs

If you have questions or are interested in declaring an Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs, please contact Dr. Barrett McCormick at (414) 288-3421 or by emailing