Spanish for Native Speakers Program

If you completed high school in a Spanish-speaking country, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and your primary language of instruction was Spanish, you are considered a native speaker of Spanish. At Marquette, you can take courses in Spanish about Hispanic language, literatures, and cultures as you would take similar courses in your home country.

Native Speakers Program FAQs

What do native speakers need to do to enroll in a Spanish course for the first time?

As a native speaker, you still need to take the language placement exam. This will allow the system to place you out of lower division courses and you will be able to enroll directly in upper division classes.

  • Register directly into any of these three entry level courses: SPAN 3300 (Peoples and Cultures of Spain), SPAN 3310 (Peoples and Cultures of Latin America), or SPAN 3505 (Introduction to Literary Analysis for Heritage and Native Speakers).
  • Please be aware that, as a native speaker, you cannot enroll in the following courses:
    • Any lower division language course (1000 or 2000 level)
    • SPAN 3001 (Advanced Communication in Spanish) or 3005 (Advanced Communication in Spanish for Heritage Speakers)
    • SPAN 3710 (Introduction to Spanish for Health Care) or 3700 (Introduction to Business Spanish)

Contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at (414) 288-7063 or Dr. Pilar Bellver if you have any questions.

What can native speakers do with Spanish courses at Marquette?

As a native speaker, you can use Spanish courses to: