Conference Center Reservations / Guidelines

Key Contacts

  • To make a reservation for an event:
         Calvin Jemison
         Conference Center Supervisor

  • To make arrangements for technology setups and equipment orientations:
         Darwin Sanders
         Library IT

  • To make arrangements for catering:
         Event Management


Reservations will be accepted until noon on Friday for requests during the following week. Requests received after that time will be considered short notice and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Short notice requests may limit choices for room setup. Reservations will be accepted up to two years in advance.

Who May Use the Conference Center

The Conference Center is available for use by both academic and administrative departments on campus. Student groups may use the center if they are registered with the Office of Student Development (OSD). Students must place a request for approval with the Office of Student Development (288-7205). Event reservations will be entered as tentative until notification of the approval has been received by the Conference Center.


Events should coincide with building hours. Typically an event should begin one half hour after the building opens and end one half hour before the building closes. (Excludes 24 hour access). See building hours.


Catering arrangements are the sole responsibility of the customer. Catering is available through Marquette University Event Management (288-7202).


Alcoholic beverages must be ordered through Event Management and Sodexho which will provide both the beverages and a licensed bartender. The bartender will remain on duty as long as alcoholic beverages are on the premises, and when the event has ended will remove all alcohol and return it to Sodexho.

Food and Beverages

These items must remain in the Conference Center and are not permitted in the library proper.


Parking arrangements for guest speakers, hosts, etc. are the responsibility of the hosting department or organization. Contact Parking Services at 288-6911.

Partisan Political Events

Reservations for partisan political events are generally not accepted.

Storage of Materials

Storing of materials for events is not permitted. Early arrival of event items must be arranged with the Coordinator for Conference Center Services. Items left behind at the end of an event will be discarded unless prior arrangements have been made.

Additional Furnishings/Meeting Tools

In the event that the Conference Center cannot supply a needed number of furnishings for an event the sponsoring organization or department is responsible for renting the needed items.

First Floor Lobby Event Registration

Large posters, signs, figures or moveable screens/walls are not permitted in the first floor lobby area. Signs on tripods/easels are permitted at the customer's reserved lobby table or in the lower lobby outside of the Beaumier Suite.

Wall Hangings

Nothing may be hung on the walls in the Conference Center


Large banners hanging from the ceiling in the Conference Center will be considered on a case by case basis.