Institute for Natural Family Planning Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

Overall Program Description

The Marquette University College of Nursing Natural Family Planning teacher training program is a professional online educational experience based on the standards for diocesan NFP ministry of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).The program prepares the participant to provide professional NFP services and to qualify for USCCB certification through an endorsed diocesan NFP program. This educational program is designed for health professionals, i.e., professional nurse (at least B.S.N. prepared), advanced practice nurses, physicians, and physician assistants. 

Online self-paced continuing education NFP training programs: 

  • Core Course = $500.00 
  • Teacher Training = $500.00 
  • Medical Applications = $300.00 
  • Marquette Model Lite = $75.00 

Note: Student discounts are available for active students in an accredited program. 

Teacher Training Program Application 

Marquette Model Lite Application

Teacher Training Program

This NFP theory and application course is an on-line asynchronous, self-paced immersion program that is made up of three main components: 

  1. Core Course – Required and a pre-requisite. This course focuses on the theoretical and philosophical foundations of NFP to prepare the student to confidentially advance to the Teacher Training course. 
  2. Teacher Training – This course is designed to give healthcare professionals the necessary tools and procedures to develop and provide a sustainable NFP practice. Student teachers will be taught to recognize and manage behavioral and psycho-spiritual family planning issues using NFP for women and couples throughout the reproductive continuum, i.e., from adolescence, during postpartum breastfeeding through perimenopause.   
  3. Preceptor Experience – Students will work directly with a qualified, experienced Marquette Method Teacher. 

Note:  The Medical Applications course is not required but recommended for all student teachers in the Teacher Training program. A discounted rate is available for nurses and other healthcare providers who do not prescribe. See application.

Medical Application Program

Medical Application Program: This program is for busy advance practice providers/prescribers who want to learn how to integrate NFP specifically, the Marquette Method, into their medical practice.  This program is made up of two courses, Marquette Model Lite and Medical Applications courses.   

  1. Marquette Model Lite – Required and a pre-requisite to Medical Applications. This course provides an abridged version of the Core Course with a focus on instructing regular cycling women in the Marquette Method of NFP. (Continuing education credits for nurses are available, see below.) 
  2. Medical Applications - This course applies knowledge of the menstrual cycle, reproductive anatomy and physiology, natural indicators of fertility, reproductive transitions, and evidenced based protocols for managing common reproductive age women’s health conditions. It involves presenting, analyzing, applying and critiquing case studies and protocols for managing health conditions related to fertility and the menstrual cycle. There is an emphasis on lifestyle changes, self-care management, and enhancement of normal fertility. 

Marquette Model Lite Continuing Education Credits Statement:   

The Marquette Model Lite (MML) is an abridged version of the Marquette Method (MM) that brings 21st-century technology to NFP by using urinary hormonal monitoring devices, along with other biological indicators of fertility to pinpoint ovulation and to help women confidently estimate the fertile times of the menstrual cycle. MML has been designed to fit into a busy clinical practice and does not include church teachings. Therefore, this course does not meet diocesan standards. If you are interested in a diocesan approved course, please contact Mary at The MML is a prerequisite for busy healthcare providers interested in taking the Medical Applications course offered by this Institute.  


APRNs, CNMs, BSN prepared registered nurses, Physicians, PAs, and other primary care providers involved in women's reproductive health. 


This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the Wisconsin Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.  

2.0 Contact hours will be awarded when the following are completed: all modules, assessment of the material, and an evaluation.  

Contact hours are available from August 24, 2020 through August 24, 2022


For more information please contact:

Richard J. Fehring, Ph.D., RN, FAAN.
Mary Schneider, M.S.N., RN, FNP-BC.