Institute for Natural Family Planning Teacher Training

Online self-paced NFP teacher training and medical applications program

The Marquette University College of Nursing Natural Family Planning teacher training program is a professional online educational experience based on the standards for diocesan NFP ministry of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

The program prepares the participant to provide professional NFP services and to qualify for USCCB certification through an Endorsed diocesan NFP program.

This educational program is designed for health professionals, i.e., professional nurse (at least B.S.N. prepared), advanced practice nurses, physicians, and physician assistants.

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Available as a self-paced continuing education program!

  • Core course = $500.00
  • Teacher Training = $500.00
  • Medical Applications = $300.00

Note: Core Course is a prerequisite for the Teacher Training. See the application for more information.

Overall Course Description

This natural family planning (NFP) theory and application course is an on-line asynchronous, self-paced immersion program that is made up of three main components:

  1. Core NFP theoretical knowledge
  2. NFP teacher training
  3. NFP medical applications

After completing the core knowledge of NFP, participants can elect to take the NFP teacher training components, the NFP medical application components or both.  The philosophical underpinnings of the course are based on natural law.  Evidence based protocols and standards will assist professional nurses, advanced practice nurses, medical students, physician assistants and physicians to help women and couples monitor their fertility for the purpose of avoiding or achieving pregnancy and for managing fertility related health problems within their scope of practice.   Students will be knowledgeable of the: physiological, philosophical, spiritual, psychological and behavioral aspects important to teaching and using NFP and for applications to medical and nursing practice.

Core Course Description

The core components of the course are required and a prerequisite to both the teacher training and medical applications tracks of the course.  This course will focus on the theoretical foundations of NFP to prepare the student to confidently advance to the next stage of becoming a competent teacher and/or clinician. 

Teacher Training Course Description

The teacher training course is designed to give health professionals the necessary tools and procedures to provide professional natural family planning (NFP) services to women and couples throughout the reproductive continuum, i.e., from the beginnings at adolescence, during post-partum breastfeeding and through the peri-menopause.  Participants will also be taught to recognize and manage behavioral and psycho-spiritual family planning issues related to using NFP.  Note:  medical management is not included in this course.

Medical Application Course Description

This natural family planning (NFP) medical applications course applies knowledge of the menstrual cycle, reproductive anatomy and physiology, natural indicators of fertility, reproductive transitions, and evidenced based protocols for managing common reproductive age women’s health conditions. It involves presenting, analyzing, applying and critiquing case studies and protocols for managing health conditions related to fertility and the menstrual cycle. There is an emphasis on lifestyle changes, self-care management, and enhancement of normal fertility.

Note:  A certificate of completion will be issued when the student has completed each course and upon completion of the program. 

For information about please contact:

Richard J. Fehring, Ph.D., RN, FAAN.
Mary Schneider, M.S.N., RN, FNP-BC.