Office of Nursing Research

Based on our mission of equity and social justice, the Marquette University College of Nursing faculty experts conduct research within three overarching foci.


research foci venn diagram


Person-Centered Research

Person-centered research focuses on integrating the individual’s and family’s unique preferences, values, needs and aspirations to collaboratively plan and deliver care and evaluate outcomes.

Faculty research within this focus includes:

Community-Engaged Research

Community-engaged research brings together academic researchers and communities in a collaborative partnership to address the specific needs of individuals and communities. There is a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in the context of partnership and reciprocity. Community and academic partners are actively engaged in the design, conduct and evaluation of the different phases of the research process.

Faculty research within this focus includes:


Nursing Education Research

Nursing education research focuses on the science of discovery associated with all aspects of the environment where formal learning occurs including curriculum, instruction, evaluation, pedagogy and theory.

Faculty research within this foci includes: