Faculty Programs of Research

College of Nursing faculty are engaged researchers who are building the science of nursing and nursing education. Nursing faculty are teacher-scholars who integrate their research and teaching, enriching student learning experiences to prepare the practitioner-scholars of the future.


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Hospital Discharge Research - Marianne Weiss, DNSc, RN, Professor Emerita

As emeritus faculty, Dr. Weiss continues to be an active researcher extending her longstanding program of research on the contribution of acute care nurses to patient outcomes at discharge and post-discharge. This research includes the impact of nursing staffing structure and quality of discharge teaching on readiness for hospital and post-discharge return to hospital for readmission or ED visits. 

Hospital Discharge Scales: Dr. Weiss has authored and rigorously tested 3 scales to measure nurse contribution to the discharge transition variables: Quality of Discharge Teaching Scale, Readiness for Hospital Discharge Scale, and Post-Discharge Coping Difficulty Scale. The scales have been translated into several languages.

READI Study: a 33-hospital cluster randomized trial of implementation of discharge readiness as a standard practice for hospital discharge.

Nutrition/Physical Activity Interventions for Older Adults - Kim Gretebeck, PhD, RN

Dr. Gretebeck's community-engaged research focuses on the development, implementation and translation of nutrition and physical activity interventions for diverse populations of older adults.

Physical Activity for Lifelong Success (PALS) intervention was developed, tested and evaluated by Dr. Gretebeck and her research team. PALS is now being offered as an evidence-based program through the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging.