FERPA: Family Educational Rights Privacy Act

In order to have D2L access for grading, you need to complete the FERPA training for Marquette University.

Full details of and instructions for the FERPA training can be found at the Office of the Registrar's FERPA Landing Page.

Upon Completion:

  • Upon successful completion of the FERPA quiz, please print, sign and date both the Certificate of Completion and the FERPA Confidentiality Agreement.  These are two separate links and two separate pages, both of which must be printed, signed, and dated.
  • Return both forms to the Department office at least 5 business days before your start date.  This can be done one of three ways:
    • In hard copy to the Department office (room 380)
    • Scan and email to physics@marquette.edu
    • Fax to (414) 288-3989

This ensures timely access to D2L for class rosters, lab information, grading, etc.

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