FERPA: Family Educational Rights Privacy Act

In order to have D2L access for grading, you need to complete the FERPA quiz and tutorial.

Logging in

  • Using Internet Explorer, navigate to www.gcntraining.com.
  • Click the green “Login to View Training” button.  The system will check that your computer has the right tools to run the tutorial. 
  • Thereafter, the system will ask whether you have an account.  If you have not previously created an account for the online FERPA tutorial, select “I have NOT yet created an account.”  If you have previously created an account, select “I already have an account.” Enter Marquette University’s Organization ID “30965” in the Organization ID box.

Setting up

  • Create a Personal ID if this is the first time you are logging in to the online FERPA tutorial.  You will then be prompted to enter your name, position and e-mail address.  If you previously created an account, enter your previously created Personal ID.  Note:  The Personal ID you create does not have to match your Marquette University username!  
  • After you successfully log in, select the one and only tutorial available to you from the Select Tutorial menu, and click the “View” button.  The tutorial will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete.
  • Confirm your personal information is correct, and continue to the tutorial.  Or, if your name and e-mail address are not correct, log off, and begin the process from the start, by creating a new Personal ID.


  • Click the arrows at the bottom of each screen in the tutorial to advance to the next slide. 
  • After you finish reviewing the tutorial, you will be asked to answer 12 questions.  You must answer at least 9 of the 12 questions correctly, in order to successfully pass the quiz.  If you answer 8 or fewer questions correctly, you will be required to take the quiz again. 


  • Upon successful completion of the FERPA quiz, please print, sign and date both the Certificate of Completion and the FERPA Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Return a hard copy to the Department office (room 380), scan and email to lauren.scherer@marquette.edu, or fax to (414) 288-3989 at least 5 business days before your start dated. This ensures timely access to D2L for class rosters, lab information, grading, etc.

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