TA Hiring Process

The Selection and Application Process

Recruitment process:

  • Letters are sent to faculty teaching ARSC 1020/1, PHYS 1001/2 and PHYS 1003/4 to identify top students who they recommend as Teaching Assistants. Letters of recruitment are also sent to top students in the above courses inviting them to apply.
  • Any student interested in becoming a TA, whether recruited or not, should fill out an application and return to Professor Vigil.

Selection process:

  • Teaching assistants are selected based on previous teaching experience, recommendations from references, grades in the courses for which they would teach, and their availability.
  • Approximately 10-16 TAs are hired per section per semester, based on total enrollment in the course. TAs are hired on a semester-by-semester basis.
  • Fall semester hires are considered in late spring (late March/early April).
  • Spring semester hires are considered in late Fall (late October/early November). Applications are accepted at any time throughout the school year.
  • The lab coordinator, Melissa Vigil, will notify accepted students via email.
  • Students may continue to TA as long as they are undergraduate or graduate students at Marquette. Students wishing to continue their TA position through the next semester do not need to submit a new application, but notify the lab coordinator in writing, with their schedule attached, according to the timeline noted above.

TA Resources