About Us

Psychology is the science that studies behavior, emotions and mental processes. Psychologists use scientific methods in an attempt to understand and change, if necessary, the way that people think, feel and behave. The Department of Psychology at Marquette University trains both undergraduate and graduate students.

Types of Psychologists

There are many types of psychologists. Developmental psychologists study how people behave and change throughout life. Social psychologists are concerned with the effects of social situations on human behavior. Personality psychologists study individual differences in how people behave. Neuropsychologists study the effects of brain damage, disorder or disease on behavioral and brain function. Biological psychologists and Neuroscientists are concerned with the biological bases of behavior. Cognitive psychologists investigate memory, thought, problem solving, and the psychological aspects of learning. Clinical psychologists study ways to help individuals, couples, families and groups change problematic behavior. Industrial psychologists study the effects of the physical and social aspects of people's work environments on productivity and business.

Our Department

The department takes pride in having nationally recognized scholars in all of these areas. All faculty teach undergraduate courses and are involved in graduate student training. Learn more about the Department of Psychology faculty.