Center for Psychological Services

The Center for Psychological Services (CPS) of Marquette University's Department of Psychology is dedicated to providing affordable and effective treatment to the general Marquette community, including its Milwaukee neighborhood. CPS is staffed by clinical psychology faculty and by graduate students, who are closely supervised by faculty.

CLASS Intervention Clinic

The Center for Language Acquisition and Social Skills (CLASS) Intervention is an on-campus clinic run by Dr. Tiffany Kodak. The clinic is located on the Marquette University campus at the 525 N 6th St. building. Treatment is provided by supervised graduate students in the Behavior Analysis program. The clinicians provide culturally responsive, flexible, and evidence-based behavioral intervention for clients. Some examples of intervention goals for clients of the clinic include early, intermediate, and advanced language skills (e.g., starting to say sounds and words, asking for things, talking about things and one’s thoughts, answering questions, social conversation), preacademic and academic skills (e.g., paying attention to teachers, learning in group settings), self-help skills (e.g., washing hands, brushing teeth, asking to use the restroom, cleaning), social skills (building friendships, learning how to join in with others), and reductions in challenging behavior. The goals of the clinic are to teach graduate students how to provide high-quality and culturally responsive services to children and adolescents. Persons seeking treatment or looking for additional information should contact Dr. Tiffany Kodak at 414-288-6276 or email her at

Marquette University Tic Disorders Specialty Clinic

The Marquette University Tic Disorders Specialty Clinic closed on May 31, 2024.  We are referring patients to Dr. Jordan Stiede at (414) 419-4303.