Statement on Diversity

The Department of Psychology values the diversity of its faculty members, staff, and students in regard to their ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, language, socioeconomic status, nationality, culture, and ability. As a department, we are committed to recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds, and to retaining them by creating an environment that is supportive and welcoming. It is our belief that by embracing our differences, we will gain a better understanding of our complex society and be better positioned to contribute to it.

The members of the department are committed to facilitating intellectual growth and awareness of multicultural issues in both the graduate and undergraduate psychology programs. We strive to achieve this goal by engaging in academic discussions of diversity issues, providing clinical training for multicultural knowledge, abilities, attitudes and skills, and conducting research on multicultural issues. Through our educational efforts, we seek to encourage all individuals to consider their own attitudes and beliefs as well as develop skills and competencies to work and live in a multicultural world.