Psychology Major Advising

Major Advising

The primary contact person for students considering a major in psychology is the Assistant Chairperson, Dr. Stephen Saunders. He can answer many questions via email, and is available to meet for those who want to make an in-person appointment.

Advising by the Advising Center (freshmen and sophomores)

Freshmen and sophomores will be advised by the college Advising Center, as they were before they declared a major.

Advising by Department of Psychology Faculty (juniors and seniors)

Majors who are juniors and seniors are advised by a faculty member, who can provide guidance as they think about career opportunities and/or graduate school options. Advisors can help students navigate the many course offerings and research opportunities available within the department.

Emails and informational sessions for majors

The department chairperson and assistant chairperson regularly send emails to students who are majors or who intend on becoming a psychology major.

The department offers one or two informational sessions each semester, to assist students in understanding the major, the curriculum, research opportunities, the honors program in psychology, and other information. Majors and students interested in psychology as a major will be emailed about these informational sessions.

Declare Your Major

Visit the "Declaring a Psychology Major" page to find out how to declare a major.