Committee on Diversity

The diversity committee has the mission to foster an environment that values the diversity of the individuals in the department and to promote multicultural awareness and competence of the faculty members, staff, graduate and undergraduate students. The diversity committee consists of 4 faculty members, an undergraduate student and a graduate student (students are elected by their peers).

Diversity Advocacy

One of the functions of the diversity committee is to provide guidelines, advocacy, or support for dealing with faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students’ grievances that are based on discrimination or prejudices related to their diverse identities. Please contact a faculty member of the committee if you would like to discuss any diversity-related concerns.

Diversity Committee Membership 2020-2021

Maria Clara Cordeiro (Graduate Student Representative):

Dr. Ed de St. Aubin:

Dr. John Grych:

Jonny Irias (Undergraduate Representative):

Dr. Astrida Kaugars (Chair):

Dr. Tiffany Kodak:

Naomi Murphy (Undergraduate Representative):

Kaylen Vine (Graduate Student Representative):

Diversity Committee Meeting Agendas 2020-2021

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Fall 2020 Meeting Agendas

Summer 2020 Meeting Agendas