Psychology Major Overview

The Psychology Major

The following is a brief overview for the psychology major, which requires a total of 38 credit hours minimum. For more information on the psychology major, please visit the The Psychology Major Curriculum page.

All majors take these three courses (11 hours):

    • General Psychology (3 hours)
    • Psychological Measurement and Statistics (4 hours)
    • Research Methods and Designs in Psychology (4 hours)

Majors take at least one upper division course from each of the following content areas:  Developmental, Personal Processes, Social Processes, and Diversity and Inclusion (12 hours minimum).

Majors take at least two courses from the Neurocognitive Foundations content area (6 hours minimum).

Majors take at least three elective courses, and two at least must be upper division (9 hours total). These courses can be from any of the content areas.


If you are a student from the College of Education, please visit the "For College of Education Students" page.

Individualizing the Psychology Major

The psychology major is encouraged to take specific courses according to what he or she intends to do after graduating (going on to grad school, working, going to medical school, etc.). The student's major advisor, a professor in the Department of Psychology, assists the student in choosing the appropriate courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Psychology undergraduate Program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge in psychology as a science.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory skills in psychology by applying the scientific process to psychological issues.
  • Demonstrate the ethical principles underlying research and practice in psychological science.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity and multicultural issues as they apply to research, practice, and our personal and professional interactions.

Honors in Psychology

The primary goal of the Honors in Psychology program is to provide students with an opportunity to plan, carry out, and report the results of an independent research project conducted with an identified research mentor in the Department of Psychology. The Honors in Psychology program will allow outstanding, accomplished students the opportunity to engage in more advanced, collaborative work with psychology faculty members.

Additional Information

For more information on our program and for students resources, please contact us or visit the Undergraduate Student Resources page.