Annual Undergraduate Psychology Research Symposium

Symposium 3

Symposium 4

Annual Undergraduate Psychology Research Symposium

 Intent to Submit Form:

Are you a student or faculty member?
Are there additional presentation authors?

If there are presentation authors in addition to yourself, please enter their first and last names in the box below, along with their student or faculty member status.

For example:
  • John Smith, Graduate Student
  • Jane Doe, Faculty Member
Was the project completed for one of the following?
Has the project been, or will be, presented at another psychology conference?
Has the project has been submitted to a journal for possible publication?
Would you like to be considered for the Nash Award for outstanding statistical analysis by an undergraduate student?

Note: The first author must be an undergraduate student.
Would you like your poster to be considered for the Nash Award?
Additional Instructions:
  • Please complete intent to submit (this form) and submit your poster as a .PDF file to Dr. Nakia Gordon at 5:00PM Monday, April 29th, 2024.
  • Please label your poster with the first author's first and last name. If you would like, please also submit a photo of the presenters to be placed next to your poster.