Financial Aid

Financial aid is monetary assistance to help students meet educational expenses. Aid may be in the form of gift assistance, loans, employment opportunities, or a combination of these. Financial aid available from the Graduate School consists of assistantships (teaching and research), scholarships, and fellowships.

Since its inception, all students admitted to the program have received financial aid. All students who maintain good standing in the program receive at least three years of full support, which includes 100% tuition remission, worth over $20,500 per year, and a monthly stipend (in 2018, the stipend was over $16,000 for the 9 months of the academic year.) Fourth year students typically also receive financial aid, and fourth year students also act as instructors (directing their own course). Over the last three years, all fourth year students had the equivalent amount of aid as first- through third-year students.

Applying for Aid

Applicants to the doctoral program are asked on Marquette's application form to indicate whether or not they are seeking financial aid. Whether or not you ask to be considered for aid does not affect your application, either positively or negatively.

Types of Aid

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Teaching and research assistantships (TAs and RAs) are awarded to full-time students in the doctoral program. Assistantships are usually distributed among the first, second and third year clinical students. TAs help the professors by teaching laboratory courses, leading discussion sections, preparing, proctoring and grading exams, and reading and grading papers. RAs help professors conduct research, including literature searches, running experiments, data entry, setting up labs, and statistical analyses.

A full assistantship requires 20 hours of work in return for a monthly stipend (nine months) and tuition remission of 24 credit hours. Many students receive 1/2 assistantships, which requires 10 hours of work in return for a half stipend and 12 credit hours.

Assistantships are awarded per semester or an annual basis. Performance is reviewed each semester. Renewal of an assistantship is based on satisfactory performance and on academic performance.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Tuition remission scholarships (e.g., dissertation scholarships) and fellowships are occasionally available. Unlike assistantships, there are no service obligations to the University for scholarship and fellowship recipients. See the Graduate School home page for more information.

Other Aid

Students should be aware that other aid sources, such as loans and work-study opportunities, are also available. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid, (414) 288-4000, to schedule an appointment for advice regarding other financial aid.

Health Insurance

Marquette University no longer offers graduate student health insurance plan. However, due to the Affordable Care Act, most Marquette students are entitled to coverage through age 26 under health care policies purchased by their parents. Furthermore, Marquette students may purchase policies through health insurance exchanges. Please visit the Student Health Insurance page for more information.