In-Class Orientations

If you missed your in-class orientation, click here for an introduction to Service Learning.

Sign-Up Night

It is very important that you review your placement options prior to Sign-Up Night, and please have more than one site in mind, as sites may fill up fast. Be sure to bring your calendar with you to Sign-Up Night. If you are unable to make the scheduled mandatory site orientation, you must sign up for a different site. It is not fair for us to ask our community partners to conduct multiple site orientations.

Site Orientations

ATTENDING THE SITE ORIENTATION IS MANDATORY. Most agencies have one orientation unless otherwise noted. There you will meet your site contact, and review the service opportunities, as well as agency rules and expectations. Some agencies may also include special training sessions. Bring your syllabus with you to your orientation, so you can be clear on what types of service experiences you should be involved in. If it seems like you will not be getting opportunities that apply to your course, be assertive and let the contact person know. Also, bring your Service Learning Contract to get your site contact’s signature. Remember to inform him/her when you will not be there for service due to holidays and vacation periods, and also when your last day of service will be. You will be credited hours for your site orientation and trainings as well. Keep track of them on your time sheet.

TB Clinic and Reading

If you are required to have a TB test, you must sign up for an appointment to have your test conducted. The TB test costs $10.00 and payments can be made in cash or check on the testing date. The appointments will be scheduled on Sign-Up Night and will take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday in the week following Sign-Up Night. When you come for your test, you will be given a specific time on on that Friday to have your results read. If you are unable to make it to the clinic or to have your test results read, you will have to make an appointment with Student Health Services to conduct the testing.

Reflection Sessions

Throughout the semester, Service Learning offers seven Reflection Sessions. Each of these will focus on a different topic with the goal of helping you to make the connections between your service, classes, and professional goals. Some professors require that students attend at least one session, but we highly recommend them for all Service Learners.

Service Learning Contracts and Timesheets

Contracts will be collected in class a few weeks into the semester. Please have them completed and ready to hand in. Course objectives must be filled in or the contract will not be collected. We ask that you take the contract very seriously and fulfill your semester-long obligation to the agency.

Timesheets will be collected during the last week of classes. Again, please make sure they are completed, signed, and ready to hand in the day that your Student Coordinator is scheduled to pick them up. Timesheets will not be accepted without the signature of the agency contact. Make sure the contract and Timesheet are both signed by your supervisor at the site before you hand them in!

Having Problems with Your Placement?

Contact your Student Coordinator as soon as possible. If you do not know who your Student Coordinator is, please contact the Service Learning Program directly.


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