Aleksandra Snowden
Dr. Aleksandra SnowdenMarquette University

Lalumiere Hall, 420

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
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Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor

Social and Cultural Sciences


MBA, 2021, Marquette University

Ph.D., 2012, Indiana University

MA, 2009, Indiana University

BA, 2005, Indiana University

Courses Taught

  • CRLS 1001 Introduction to Criminology
  • CRLS 4350 Neighborhoods and Crime
  • CRLS 4360 Crime Mapping
  • CRLS 6200 Introduction to GIS

Research Interests

  • Crime mapping and analysis
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Alcohol availability, crimes, and violence


  • 2022       Clancy, K., Chudzik, J., Snowden, A.J., and Guha, S. Reconciling data-driven crime analysis with human-centered algorithms. Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning, 124: 103604 
  • 2021       Snowden, A.J. “Crime and off-premise alcohol outlets: Do characteristics matter?”. Security Journal, 34: 165-183.  
  • 2020       Snowden, A.J., Hockin, S.M., and Pridemore, W.A. “The neighborhood-level association between alcohol outlet density and female criminal victimization rates.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 35(15-16): 2639-2662.
  • 2019       Snowden, A.J. “Exploring violence: The role of neighborhood characteristics, alcohol outlets, and other micro-places”. Social Science Research, 82: 181-194.
  • 2019       Snowden, A.J. “The relationship between alcohol beverage types and violence”. Journal of Drug Issues, 41(1): 183-200.
  • 2018       Snowden, A.J. “Alcohol availability and violence: A closer look at space and time.” International Regional Science Review, 41(6), 657-678.
  • 2017       Snowden, A.J., and Pridemore, W.A. "Reducing alcohol-related violence.” In N. Giesbrecht and L. Bosma (Eds), Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems: Evidence and Community-based Initiatives (pp.101-117). Washington, D.C.: American Public Health Association Press.
  • 2017       Snowden, A.J., Stucky, T., and Pridemore, W.A. “Alcohol outlets, social disorganization, and non-violent crimes in urban neighborhoods.” Journal of Crime and Justice, 40(4): 430-445.
  • 2016       Snowden, A.J. “Alcohol outlet density and intimate partner violence in a non-metropolitan college town: Accounting for neighborhood characteristics and alcohol outlet types.” Violence and Victims, 37(1): 111-123.
  • 2016       Snowden, A.J. “Neighborhood characteristics contribute to urban alcohol availability: Accounting for race/ethnicity and social disorganization.” Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 15(4): 346-366.
  • 2015       Snowden, A.J., and Freiburger, T. “Alcohol outlets, social disorganization, and robberies: Accounting for neighborhood characteristics and alcohol outlet types.” Social Science Research, 51: 145-162.
  • 2015       Snowden, A.J. “The role of alcohol in violence: The individual, small group, community, and cultural level.” Review of European Studies, 7(7): 394-406.
  • 2014       Snowden, A.J., and Pridemore, W.A. “Off-premise alcohol outlet characteristics and violence.” American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 40(4): 327-35.
  • 2013       Snowden, A.J., and Pridemore, W.A. “Alcohol and violence in a non-metropolitan college town: Alcohol outlet density, outlet type, and assault. Journal of Drug Issues, 43(3): 357-373.
  • 2013       Snowden, A.J., and Pridemore, W.A. “Alcohol outlets, social disorganization, land use, and violence in a large college town: Direct and moderating effects.” Criminal Justice Review, 38(1): 29-49.
  • 2009       Pridemore, W.A., and Snowden, A.J. “Reduction in suicide mortality following a new national alcohol policy: An interrupted time series analysis of Slovenia.” American Journal of Public Health, 99: 915-920.
  • 2008      Snowden, A.J., and Pridemore, W.A. “The 2003 Slovenian alcohol policy: Background, supporters, and opponents.” Contemporary Drug Problems, 35: 5-35.


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