Undergraduate Student Resources


Dear valued student,

This webpage provides links to information about the vast resources at Marquette University that can help you succeed, including (1) Academic, (2) Mental and Physical Wellness, (3) Technological, (4) Spiritual, and (5) Engagement and Inclusion resources.

We provide this information here so that you will have one central location where you can search for and find information that can help support you and help answer the many questions that may arise along the way during your career at Marquette.  To begin, please start by browsing through the Academic resources, as many of your questions will likely be related to courses that are offered, how to declare a major, and similar. Then, access and familiarize yourself with all of the other types of resources, many of which you may need at various points during your time at Marquette.

Certainly, if you have questions, concerns, or specific needs for which information is not available here, please reach out to a SOCS faculty member, and we will be sure to put you in contact with the appropriate individuals on our campus.

Click on the buttons below to see resources by type:

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