Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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Members of our department conduct multidisciplinary research in areas of anthropology, sociology, criminology, social justice and law. Undergraduate students can participate in research projects during Fall, Spring or Summer semesters by registering for an independent study course. While most undergraduate research projects do not provide monetary compensation, they are excellent opportunities to prepare for graduate or professional schools or improve your chances at the job market. Undergraduate students who are interested in current research opportunities should contact listed faculty below via email.

Additional Opportunities



Dr. Louise Cainkar

Analyzing data collected in interviews with transnational Arab American teenagers who were attending high school in Palestine, Jordan, and Yemen. Dr. Cainkar is seeking unpaid research assistants interested in identity, transnationalism, the children of immigrants, and in learning how to analyze interview data.

Dr. Roberta Coles

Seeking unpaid assistance with secondary (literature review, online resources) research and possibly conducting interviews related to different racial-ethnic groups and their families in the U.S. for her sociology textbook.

Dr. Michael McCarthy

Studies the power and politics of American capitalism through a historical lens. Dr. McCarthy is seeking unpaid research assistants with an interest in the political economy of American capitalism (tasks: literature reviews, making annotated bibliographies, and potentially conducting archival research).

Dr. Darren Wheelock

Conducts research on punitive attitudes and racial threat. Dr. Wheelock is seeking unpaid research assistants interested in doing quantitative research on punitive attitudes in Wisconsin - more information about the survey.

Dr. Heather Hlavka and Dr. Sameena Mulla

Currently conduct research on Milwaukee County Court System. Dr. Hlavka and Dr. Mulla are seeking unpaid research assistants interested in doing court monitoring of sexual assault and domestic violence hearings. Learn more about this project.