Faculty Bookshelf

Selected books by our faculty.


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Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes: Exploring Primate Behavioral Flexibility Across Human Contexts.

Tracy McKinney, Sian Waters, and Michelle Rodrigues

Published: Springer Nature-  2023


picture of hlavka book cover

Researching Gender-Based Violence: Embodied and Intersectional Approaches

April Petillo and Heather R. Hlavka

Published: NYU Press - 2022


 cainkar book

Arab American Women: Representation and Refusal

Michael W. Suleiman, Suad Joseph, and Louise Cainkar

Published: Syracuse University Press - 2021

 cainkar book

Sajjilu Arab American: A Readers in SWANA Studies

Louise Cainkar, Pauline Homsi Vinson, and Amira Jarmakani

Published: Syracuse University Press - 2021

 hlavka book

Bodies in Evidence: Race, Gender and Science in Sexual Assault Adjudication

Heather R. Hlavka and Sameena Mulla

Published: NYU Press - 2021



edited book by mccarthy

Rethinking Class and Social Difference

Barry Eidlin and Michael A. McCarthy

Published: Emerald Publishing, Political Power and Social Theory, Vol. 37 - 2020


McCarthy book cover

Dismantling Solidarity: Capitalist Politics and American Pensions Since the New Deal

Michael A. McCarthy

Published: Cornell University Press - 2017



MeghanPolicing: Continuity and Change

Geoffrey Alpert, Roger Dunham, and Meghan Stroshine, 303 pages
Published: Waveland Press – 2015




JimIs There Life After Football? Surviving the NFL

James A. Holstein, Richard S. Jones and George E. Koonce, 366 pages
Published: NYU Press  2014



JimThe SAGE Handbook of Interview Research: The Complexity of the Craft

Jaber F. Gubrium, James Holstein, Amir B. Marvasti,  and Karyn D. McKinney, 624 pages
Published: Sage  2012


LouiseHomeland Insecurity:
The Arab American and
Muslim American Experience
after 9/11

Louise Cainkar, 325 pages
Published: Russell Sage Foundation Publications – 2011

JimVarieties of Narrative Analysis

James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium, 328 pages
Published: SAGE Publications, Inc – 2011

RickGlobal Perspectives on

Ikponwosa O. Ekunwe
(Editor), Richard S. Jones (Editor), 447 pages
Published: University of Tampere Press  2011




RobertaThe Myth of the Missing Black Father

Roberta Coles and Charles Green, 400 pages
Published:  Columbia University Press  2010


RobertaThe Best Kept Secret: Single Black Fathers

Roberta L. Coles, 180 pages
Published: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers – 2009


JamesAnalyzing Narrative Reality

James A. Holstein and Jaber Gubrium, 272 pages
Published: SAGE Publications, Inc – 2008 


JimHandbook of Constructionist Research

James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium, 832 pages
Published: The Guilford Press – 2007


RobertaRace and Family: A Structural Approach

Roberta Coles, 336 pages
Published: SAGE Publications, Inc – 2005

JimCouples, Kids, and
Family Life (Social Worlds from the Inside Out)

James Holstein and Jaber Gubrium224 pages
Published: Oxford University Press – 2005


DawneGod, Sex, and Politics: Homosexuality and Everyday Theologies

Dawne Moon, 292 pages
Published: University Of Chicago Press – 2004


JimChallenges and Choices:
Constructionist Perspectives
on Social Problems (Social Problems and Social Issues)

Gale Miller, and  James A. Holstein, 262 pages
Published : Aldine Transaction – 2003

JimInside Interviewing:
New Lenses, New Concerns

James Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium, 568 pages
Published: SAGE Publications – 2003

JimPostmodern Interviewing

Jaber F. Gubrium and James Holstein, 280 pages
Published: SAGE Publications – 2003

JimWays of Aging

Jaber F. Gubrium, and James A. Holstein, 240 pages
Published: Wiley-Blackwell – 2003


JimInner Lives and Social Worlds: Readings in Social Psychology

James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium, 608 pages
Published: Oxford University Press – 2002

JaneSexual Revolutions: Gender and Labor at the Dawn of Agriculture

Jane Peterson, 178 pages
Published: Rowman Altamira – 2002


JimHandbook of Interview Research: Context & Method

Jaber F. Gubrium and James Holstein, 996 pages
Published: Sage – 2001