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Welcome to the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at Marquette. We are a multidisciplinary department with faculty trained in anthropology, criminology, criminal justice, law, social work and sociology.

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Learn More about Racial Justice picture of protesters

Interested in learning more about racial justice?  Browse through our NEW Anti-Racism Resource page, which includes recommended readings, links to data, Black-owned businesses, and more.... See also our list of regularly offered courses that address race and ethnicity.




In the News

Dr. Aleksandra Snowden honored with Community Engaged Teaching Award

Listen here to a podcast featuring SOWJ professor Dr. Alexandra Crampton where she discusses the challenges of decolonizing social work.

SOCS student Chris King ('22) creates men's discussion group during internship experience at MU Wellness Center

SOCS student Alyssa Spies ('23 ) is completing her internship at Table of Saints and has led two Let’s Talk About It discussions (on eviction and accessible healthcare for the formerly incarcerated)

Watch Dr. Rodrigues' REIS colloquium presentation, "Supportive networks and equitable relationships: Creating an inclusive, decolonial culture of science"

Dr. Aleksandra Snowden and Dr. Heather Hlavka among 2021 recipients of the President's Challenge for Racial Justice and Equity

SOWJ alum Samira Payne selected as Marquette's first Director of Black Student Initiatives 

Dr. Michael McCarthy wins prestigious Berggruen Institute Fellowship at USC for 2021-2022

Dr. Louise Cainkar honored with Community Engaged Teaching Award

Dr. Darren Wheelock and team are awarded $745k Mellon grant to support the Education Preparedness Program (EPP), an initiative that will help those impacted by incarceration succeed in higher education

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