Featured Faculty Research

Our faculty conduct research in various areas of social and cultural sciences including sociology, anthropology, criminology, social justice and law. Faculty research projects have been supported by both internal Marquette funding and external grants from the National Science Foundation, U.S. State Department, National Institute of Justice, Office of National Drug Control Policy, and other agencies. Results of many research projects were disseminated in the books published by prestigious university and academic presses.

                                        Areas of Expertise


Dr. Jane Peterson- Near Eastern archaeology, lithic techniques


Dr. Dawne Moon - Gender, sexuality, religion, emotions

Dr. David Nowacek - Language, law and society, environmental issues

Dr. Amber Tucker - Historical trauma, intersectionality, embodiment

Dr. Josh Chen - Race and ethnicity, structures of inequality, Catholic Social Thought


Dr. Anya Degenshein - Law and society, surveillance and digital technologies

Dr. Heather Hlavka - Criminology and law, sexual victimization and interpersonal violence

Dr. Aleksandra Snowden - Crime mapping, neighborhoods and crime

Dr. Meghan Stroshine - Policing, police-community relations, use of force

Dr. Darren Wheelock - Criminal punishment and controlcivic engagement, community organizing, empowerment, and educational policies

Dr. Matt Greife - Environmental crime & justice, criminal law & procedure, and legal culture.

Mr. Gerardo Mares Aguilera - Crime patterns, neighborhoods, health equity, housing, data analytics



Dr. Louise Cainkar - Arab American studies, Muslims in diaspora

Dr. Alexandra Crampton - Anthropology, social work, gerontology, alternative dispute resolution