Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of the Marquette University Career Services Center is to partner with students while collaborating with campus and employer constituents, to foster their career development in pursuit of meaningful lives.


The vision of the Marquette University Career Services Center is to be an integral component in the transformative experience of all Marquette students.

Goals – Strategic Plan (2017-2020)

Goal 1: Partner with students to foster career development in pursuit of meaningful lives

  • Objective A: Offer programming which inspires & motivates students to pursue meaningful career development.
  • Objective B:  Engage specific student populations to strengthen trust & empower individual career development.
  • Objective C:  Enrich student career development experience through strengthening affiliation with the Career Services Center.

Goal 2: Collaborate with Campus Constituents to create a culture that recognizes career development as a part of the Marquette Experience

  • Objective A: Expand campus constituents' awareness of career development as a holistic experience at Marquette.

Goal 3: Facilitate effective employer connections with students.

  • Objective A: Enhance employer recruiting acumen at Marquette to ensure an efficient and productive experience.
  • Objective B: Pro-actively form strategic relationships with key employers
  • Objective C: Engage employers and alumni in programs, services and resources that add value to students' career development experience.

Additional information and measures of these learning outcomes