Computer Vision and Image Processing

Basic Courses: Choose 3 courses (9 total credits)
EECE 5650 Introduction to Algorithms
EECE 6810 Algorithm Analysis and Applications
EECE 6822 Machine Learning
One selected Math Course (from 5XXX or 6XXX)
Additional Required Courses
EECE 6952 Department Colloquium (0 Credit)
Master’s Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation
Broader Core Courses: Choose 3 courses (9 total credits)
EECE 5510 Digital Signal Processing
EECE 5850 Introduction to Intelligent Systems
EECE 5860 Introduction to Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
EECE 6540 Advanced Digital Image Processing
EECE 6840 Neural Networks and Neural Computing
EECE 6932 Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering (e.g., Advanced Signal Processing or other topics)
One selected Math course (from 5XXX or 6XXX)
General Electives: A minimum of 2 courses (at least 6 total credits)
Selected graduate level courses in Math, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science or EECE as approved by advisor.