The graduate degree program in electrical and computer engineering at Marquette University aims to empower you with both depth and breadth in practical knowledge, while connecting you to areas that match your interests. The goal is to help you build the skills needed to solve challenging problems in the field, make impactful contributions to society, establish a solid foundation to explore and tackle new frontiers in the discipline, and most importantly, join the global job market.

Students in both our Ph.D. and thesis-option masters programs engage in cutting-edge impactful research with direct application to the work engineers encounter in industry. In fact, many of our graduate-level courses have gained the attention of local engineers in industry, who find specific value in the practical nature of these course offerings. Accordingly, graduates emerge from our program equipped with both technical and professional skills, which help them enter the marketplace with confidence.

Another unique feature of our graduate program is that our faculty mentors work hand-in-hand with our students as they conduct their studies. When you are admitted to our graduate program, you immediately become a valued member of a team, which is includes an expert faculty mentor in the field as well as some of your peers. This close mentorship environment results in special relationships that extend the advisor-advisee relationship to the next level of a partnership. The result is an environment that goes from transactional work to life-giving collaboration.

A variety of graduate programs are available in the department. A complete description of the graduate program including course offerings, application requirements, and degree requirements can be found in the Marquette University Graduate Bulletin.*

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Focus Areas in Electrical Engineering:

Focus Areas in Computer Engineering:

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Dr. Ayman EL-Refaie
Director of Graduate Studies
Werner Endowed Chair in Secure/Sustainable Energy
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(414) 288-4471

*To learn more about the assessment process for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department’s graduate programs, please see the Graduate Program Assessment Plan.