Marquette Embedded Systems (MESS) Laboratory

Ababei Lab

The Marquette Embedded Systems (MESS) Lab concentrates on:

  • Embedded systems (uncertainty, aerial/underwater drones, LiDARs in transportation, IoT)
  • Network-on-chip based multicore processors and datacenters (energy, reliability)
  • FPGAs, reconfigurable computing and parallel computing (algorithms in computer vision)
  • Distribution networks and smart buildings
  • Simulation and optimization of vehicle battery packs
  • Electronic design automation for VLSI and FPGA circuits (placement and routing steps, parallelization techniques based on multithreading and CUDA programming)

Using innovative technology and diverse array of research areas, the MESS Lab aims to identify current uncertainties in the embedded systems space and to design new methods to enhance technologies such as drones, smart buildings and battery packs. The lab utilizes methods such as algorithms, data structures, graph theory, optimization, programming (most often C/C++), microcontrollers, digital and analog circuit design, and microelectronic fabrication which will over time address these uncertainties and improve the use of such designs in industry, research and defense. The MESS Lab is managed by Lab Director, Dr. Cris Ababei, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Marquette University. He specializes in Electronic Design Automation, embedded systems and computing systems.

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MESS Lab Location
Haggerty Hall 451A
1515 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233


Dr. Cristinel Ababei

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
(414) 288-5720