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Marquette Engineering Professor Nathan Weise Receives $500,000 Award from Department of Energy

Dr. Nathan Weise, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been awarded a $500,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The grant is part of Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy’s program called Building Reliable Electronics to Achieve Kilovolt Effective Ratings Safely — also known as “BREAKERS.”

BREAKERS seeks to develop new medium-voltage, DC devices to better manage power by eliminating electrical faults, improving efficiency and reaction times, and potentially enabling greater proliferation of energy storage and renewable resources.

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Honors Convocation 2019-2020

EECE Senior Design Projects 2018-2019


Congratulaitons Ms. Yeasmin Sultana, the 2020 receipient of the Dr. Thomas K. Ishii Graduate Summer Fellowship Award. She is studing microwave/RF engineering with Dr. James Richie

Drs. Cris Ababei and Majeed Hayat received the New NSF REU Site award to support undergraduate students in interdisciplinary research on hardware and software for environment monitoring.

We are proud to announce 2019/20 EECE Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards John Gallagher, Senior Award in Electrical Engineering; Jeremy Horky, Senior Award in Computer Engineering; Jacob Edwards, Junior Award in Electrical Engineering; Carmen Seda, Junior Award in Computer Engineering. Congratulations! 

Dr. Nathan Weise has been selected to receive 2020-2021 Way Klingler Young Scholar Award, one of up to four recipients of the university-wide honor



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