Industrial Advisory Board

This diverse group is committed to our Electrical and Computer Engineering program. We rely on their insight and collective feedback when setting goals, modifying our program and determining best practices.

Thank you to our board members!

  • Mr. David Brandvold, (Retired) Vice President – Global Service and Technology Operations, AT&T Services Inc.
  • Ms. Suzanne Clausing, PE MBA 
  • Mr. Ryan Colwell, Engineering Manager, Direct Supply
  • Ms. Amy Crosby, Director, Customer Experience - Drive Products
  • Mr. Marty DoreSenior Vice President, Sargent & Lundy
  • Mr. Mike Foley, (Retired) Director DiRXN Digital Solutions, Rexnord
  • Dr. Fred Frigo, Engineering / Ultrasound Imaging, GE Healthcare
  • Mr. Paul Gogan, Chair of EECE IAB, Director Electric Distributions Asset Management, WEC Energy Group
  • Mr. John Haberkorn, Vice President Engineering, Dynamic Electric Inc.
  • Dr. James Heinen, Professor Emeritus, Marquette University
  • Mr. Dwayne Moses, President, Decision Technologies, Inc. 
  • Mr. Jeff Nigh, Technical Solutions Specialist, Intel Corporation
  • Mr. Chad A. Pahnke, Partner, McAndrews, Held & Malloy (U.S. Patent Attorney with a background in electrical engineering)
  • Mr. Tony Pink, GM/VP, Dynamic Rating
  • Mr. Phil Rose, P.E., President, Roman Electric Co., Inc.
  • Mr. Steve Wood, Vice President, Battery Division, Milwaukee Tool