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Dr. Dong Hye Ye
Dr. Dong Hye YeMarquette University

Haggerty Hall, 218

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-4114Website

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Research Assistant Professor, 2018, Purdue University

Ph. D., 2013, Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania

M.S., 2008, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S., 2007, Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning

  • Image Processing

  • Biomedical Image Analysis

  • Computed Topography

  • Metal Artifact Reduction

  • Microscopic Imaging

  • Automatic Target Recognition

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection/Tracking

Selected Recent Publications

D. Ye, S. Srivastava, J-B. Thibault, K. Sauer, C. Bouman. "Deep Residual Learning for Model-based Iterative CT Reconstruction using Plug-and-Play Framework." In: Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2018), April 15–20, 2018.

D. Ye, J. Li, Q. Chen, J. Wachs, C. Bouman. "Deep Learning for Moving Object Detection from a Single Camera in UAVs." In: Proceedings of the 2018 IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging (EI 2018), January 28–February 2, 2018.

D. Godaliyadda, D. Ye, M. Uchic, M. Groeber, G. Buzzard, C. Bouman. "A Framework for Dynamic Image Sampling Based on Supervised Learning." IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, 4(1):1–16, March 2018.

P. Jin, D. Ye, C. Bouman. "Joint Metal Artifact Reduction and Segmentation of CT Images Using Dictionary-Based Image Prior and Continuous-Relaxed Potts Model." In: Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2015), September 27–30, 2015.

D. Ye, B. Desjardins, J. Hamm, H. Litt, K. M. Pohl. "Regional Manifold Learning for Disease Classification." IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 33(6):1236–1247, June 2014.

D. Ye, D. Zikic, B. Glocker, A. Criminisi, E. Konukoglu. "Modality Propagation: Coherent Synthesis of Patient-specific Scans with Data-driven Regularization." In: Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2013), September 22–26, 2013.

J. Hamm, D. Ye, R. Verma, C. Davatzikos. "GRAM: A Framework for Geodesic Registration on Anatomical Manifolds." Medical Image Analysis, 14(5):633–642, October 2010.



"Novel Platform for Quantitative Subcellular Resolution Imaging of Human Tissues Using Mass Spectrometry." sponsored by National Institute of Health

"Adaptive Automated Threat Recognition Algorithm for CT-based Object Detection Systems." sponsored by ALERT Department of Homeland Security

"Automatic, Near-Real-Time Detection of Moving Objects in Video." sponsored by Sandia Corporation

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