Electronic Devices and Microsystems

Basic course: Choose 3 courses (9 total credits)
EECE 5100 Transmission Lines and Electromagnetic Waves
EECE 5430 Physical Principles of Solid State Devices
EECE 6010 Advances Engineering Mathematics
EECE 6425 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Additional Required Courses
EECE 6952 Department Colloquium (0 credit)
Master’s Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation
Broader Core Courses: Choose 3 courses (9 total credits)
EECE 5110 Microwave Engineering
EECE 5130 Antenna Theory and Design
EECE 5410 Introduction to Device Fabrication
EECE 5440 MEMS and Nanotechnology
EECE 5460 Sensor Devices: Theory, Design and Applications
EECE 6110 Advanced Electromagnetic Fields
EECE 6120 Electromagnetic Theory
EECE 6130 Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics
EECE 6420 Infrared and Photonics Sensors: Theory and Applications
EECE 6430 MEMS and Sensors
EECE 6932 Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering (topic should be related to the field, as approved by advisor or DGS)
General Electives: A minimum of 2 courses (at least 6 total credits)
Selected graduate level courses in EECE, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Materials, Finite Element Methods, MEEN, and Math as approved by advisor.