Electric Machines and Drives (EMDL) Lab

Demerdash with students

The Marquette University Electric Machines and Drives Laboratory (EMDL) is a facility located in Olin Engineering, room 511. In this Lab, research is being conducted which is focused on various aspects of electrical machines and their associated drive system. The EMDL mission is to provide better solutions for electromagnetic energy conversion systems through tackling the current challenges in electric machines and drives design, analysis, optimization, and fault diagnostics.

To be more specific, below are some of the most recent research areas of interest pursued in the EMDL:

  • Exploring faster and less computer time-consuming ways of Finite Element simulation of induction machines
  • Design and analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs) through Computationally Efficient Finite Element Analysis (CE-FEA)
  • Thermal, mechanical, and stress analysis of electric machines
  • Utilizing different intelligent techniques such as Differential Evolution (DE) and combined multiobjective optimization with differential evolution (CMODE) in automated design optimization of electrical machines
  • Introduce new inverter topologies that provide better fault tolerant capabilities
  • Develop new fault diagnostics procedures and faulty mode operation control schemes for PMSMs and induction machines

The EMDL lab is directed by Professor Demerdash who has achieved some of the most prestigious academic and scientific honors such as being the recipient of the “1999 IEEE Nikola Tesla Technical Field Award”, and has a long history of mentoring successful M.S. and Ph.D. students, the majority of whom are now very well accomplished individuals in both academia and industry. The EMDL is the home and an ideal destination for motivated students who think outside the box and want to benefit from high quality mentorship and scientific guidance while doing research in the area of electric machines and drive systems.

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EMDL Lab Location
Olin Engineering 511
1515 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233


Dr. Nabeel Demerdash

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
(414) 288-5680