Student Design Projects

Design learning, thinking and creating is the hallmark of an engineering education from Marquette. Learn more about student design projects from courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Senior Design


Senior Design

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's capstone course focuses on detailed design, prototyping, and testing design concepts. It includes topics directly relevant to student design projects and careers in the engineering profession. Student teams design projects that culminate in a final report that documents the performance and details (engineering drawings and/or documentation) of their final design. 

For questions about any of the following design presentations, contact Dr. Chandana Tamma

Spring 2020 Projects

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C45: Disease Advisor App

Sponsor: Anton Lord and Maggy Likulu-Lord, Disease Advisor

Advisor: Dr. Chandana Tamma

Team: Colleen Dunlap Diana Ruiz, Paige Stauske, Paula Van Camp, and Matt Ondrus

C46: Augmented Reality for Physical Therapy

Sponsor: Todd Sinclair, 9 degrees of human

Advisor: Dr. Dong Hye Ye

Team: Griffin Berschauer, Nate Keyes, Tom Panozzo, Mark Powell and Patrick Woodford

C48: Voice Control of a Digital Oscilloscope

Sponsor and Advisor: Dr. Cristinel Ababei

Team: Patrick Toennies, Andrew Laurita, Brendan Higgins, Charles Kash, and Ruijiang Wang

C49: Smart Home IoT

Sponsor and Advisor: Dr. Cristinel Ababei

Team: Nicholas Gardetto, Jacob Kahmann, Matt Petter, Andy Yuan and Xingjian Zhao


E50: NASA Robotic Mining Competition

Advisors: Dr. Phil Voglewede and Dr. Henry Medeiros

Team: Mustafa Abu-Mallouh, Kevin Brosam, Matt Delage, John Hattas, Nate Lang, Ed Liebeno, Sam Rothlisberger and Alec Tauer

E55: We Energies Augmented Reality

Sponsor: We Energies

Advisor: Dr. Chandana Tamma

Team: Jeremy Horky, Russell Redding, Brenden Quinette, Meg Huelskamp and Robert Kondev

E60: U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup

Advisor: Dr. Ayman EL-Refaie

Team: Jenna Klobucar, Darren Garcia and Garrett Ward

E65: IoT Automated Pet Feeder

Advisor: Dr. Cristinel Ababei

Team: John Gallagher, Erin Whitaker, Connor Flack, Logan Manderle and Mike Lehner

Introduction to Programming in Java

Students are introduced to computer programming with an emphasis on object-oriented programming (OOP) and OOP design methodologies. The students learn about typical programming constructs including data types, data structures, control structures, data input and output techniques as well as several algorithms used for solving engineering problems. In addition, students learn to use modern programming tools in an integrated development environment by focusing on developing software solutions to significant engineering problems.

This semester, students were challenged to create an educational game on creating awareness regarding water resource challenges. For questions about any of the following videos, contact Dr. Chandana Tamma

Spring 2020 Projects

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Project 1 - Water Snake

Team: Olivia Miller, Gavin DeGroot,and Nick Ragonese

Project 2 - Fishing

Team: John Matuszek, Jose Salinas, and Kelsey Hughes

Project 3 - Water Pipes

Team: Jeremy Selkirk, Jack Clifford and Gavin Johnson

Project 4 - The Fisher

Team: Theodore Hoover, Vincent Di Castri, Bryan Reyes and Patrick Sanders


Project 5 - Potable Water Treatment Simulator           

Team: Ben Doyle, Michael Donato and Marty Boehm

Project 6 - Every Last Drop     

Team: Cameron Constabileo and Colin Dougherty

Project 7 - H2-Oh No!             

Team: Jeremy Limson, Sarah Ernst and Quinn Hobson

Project 8 - Ocean Cleaner        

Team: Salvador Guel, Melisa Castro, and Giselle Afre

Project 9 - Ocean Cleanup

Team: Bob Dirmish, Anya Maradiaga and Rory Ravenscraft

Project 10 - Pollution Solution             

Team: Christian Schwartz, Zach Thompson, and Ryan Duffy

Project 11 - Watersweeper 

Team: Caleb Celano, Steve McDonough and Jack Wall

Project 12 - Water Cleaners     

Team: Barry Varley, Ryan Solveson, and Kevin Bopp

Project 13 - Leaky Pipes           

Team: Natalie Wideman, Juan Pablo Gomez Postigo and Noah Gumushian

Project 14 - EECE 1610 Project            

Team: Nicky Diaz, Elise Koenig, and Jack Baldwin