Marquette admissions experts offer their advice to high school students:

Be inquisitive

Ask a lot of questions and be thorough in your research; don't leave any questions unasked. Learn all you can about Marquette: scour our website, take a tour and meet with current students.

Be prepared

It's never too early to start thinking about college. As early as your sophomore year, you should be taking tough classes — and doing well in them.

Be organized

The college application process spans a lot of time, and you will likely apply to several schools. Make a file for each school and keep them organized for easy reference. Have your materials (transcripts, essays, etc.) prepared and neatly organized.

Be aware of deadlines

Marquette's application process is deadline intensive. Make sure you know the deadlines for all paperwork and deposits. Be familiar with our deadlines and give yourself enough time to complete all the necessary materials.

Be careful

Read application materials carefully and be sure to follow instructions. Ask parents, teachers or guidance counselors to review your application materials, especially essays, before sending them in. And then revise once more!

Be The Difference

Brag about yourself in your application! We want to know more about you than your GPA and test scores. Talk about what you have accomplished outside the classroom in activities or organizations. Marquette students have a reputation for academic excellence and service to the community. We look for those qualities in potential students. But we also want to learn more about your interests and your passions — the things that make you who you are.