Admission & Scholarship Deferral Policy

Deferring Admission

Students admitted for a fall term who do not enroll at Marquette for that term may choose to reapply to Marquette in the subsequent spring term.

If a student took college courses after their high school graduation and prior to the start of the following spring term, they will be reviewed for admission as a transfer applicant. However, for financial aid purposes, these students will receive the same financial aid package they were offered as an admitted first-year student (Pere Marquette Scholarship, Magis, Ignatian Distinction, Jesuit/Cristo Rey and Marquette Grant as applicable). Please note: these students will not qualify for any transfer scholarships.  Additionally, they will not receive any institutional aid they may have been offered through the Scholarship and Scholars Program Application or other special scholarship program (e.g. Alumni Club Scholarship, All-in Scholarship, etc.).  

All other transfer students will be awarded based on the transfer financial aid and scholarship awarding policy for the term in which the transfer student has been admitted.  These transfer applicants may qualify for any of the transfer scholarships based on eligibility.

Students admitted for a fall term who do not enroll that fall but do enroll the subsequent spring term and who have not taken any college courses since their high school graduation will also have their financial aid package reinstated for that spring term.


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