Financial Aid Deadlines

The following information does not apply to international undergraduate applicants.

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

October 1 – January 15

For students and families who wish to have the chance of receiving any financial aid beyond merit-based scholarships (and, really, who doesn't?), we recommend filing the FAFSA during this window. (October 1 is the first day you can legally file for financial aid for the academic year.)

Scholarship deadline

February 1

This is the application deadline for many of our scholars and scholarship programs, including the Pre-Dental Scholars and Burke Scholarship programs.

Additional information is available at this link.

Scholarship and financial aid notification


Financial aid and scholarship notification ought to be in or near your hands at this time, provided you have filed the FAFSA early and have met the deadlines for all scholarship programs. This will give you a cushion of a month or so to determine if Marquette will be a financially reasonable option for you.