Computer science is the catalyst for every evolutionary — and revolutionary — step in computer development. From mathematical theories, data structures and algorithms to the operating systems and programs that employ them, an understanding of computer science is essential if you wish to develop the next advances in computer technology and applications.

The power to succeed in today's environment — and tomorrow's.

Though you will certainly develop plenty of expertise using current methods, theories and software, Marquette’s computer science major will provide you with a background in the principles and foundations of computer science and mathematics, enabling you to adapt to constantly evolving technologies.


Because you’ll start your computer science courses right away, you’ll develop enough expertise to start using your major through internships, typically in your junior year, in Milwaukee and nationwide.

Alphabeta soup.

Through its diverse courses and research laboratories, the department offers opportunities to build the software tools that undergird the Information Age. Ubiquitous and embedded systems, computer games, internetworking, A/I, O/S, PL, DB, HPC and HTC, and a host of other important acronyms are all well represented.

Programming the future.

From building Walgreens’ next generation of digital cash registers or securing Motorola’s phones to creating Microsoft’s next search engine or improving global communications at GE Healthcare, our students and graduates are building the computing systems today that we will depend on tomorrow.

Wired (and wireless) for access.

Between the port-per-pillow residence halls, campuswide wireless access and department laboratories stocked with dual-head workstations loaded with the latest tools, you’ll have access to the university’s top-notch computing resources from just about everywhere.

Suggested curriculum

Major courses are bolded.


  • Calculus I & II
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Object-Oriented Software Design
  • UCCS - Rhetoric and Composition I & II
  • UCCS - Natural Science with Laboratory
  • UCCS - Introduction to Theology


  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
  • Data Structures and Algorithms 1 & 2
  • Hardware Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • UCCS - Philosophy of Human Nature
  • UCCS - Literature/Performing Arts*
  • Electives


  • Upper-level Math Elective
  • Programming Languages
  • Two Upper-level Computer Science Electives
  • UCCS - Theory of Ethics
  • UCCS - Science and Nature Elective*
  • UCCS - Histories of Cultures and Societies
  • Electives


  • Principles of Design
  • Senior Design Project
  • Two Upper-level Computer Science Electives
  • UCCS - Diverse Cultures
  • UCCS - Individual and Social Behavior
  • Electives

*Choose from list of approved UCCS (University Core of Common Studies) courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.