Educational Studies Major

Education has the power to influence lives, empower others and lift a community. And the power of education is not limited to a classroom. The educational studies major is designed for students interested in the area of education in a non-school environment. For you, the possibilities are great.


As a student, you’ll benefit from the diversity of experiences available to you and be surprised by the flexibility of options. Educational studies majors go on to develop educational programs or curriculum and work in various industries. Many work with seniors, youth and underserved populations.


Milwaukee has a strong nonprofit community, and you’ll have the opportunity to be putting what you learn into practice. In your final year, you’ll have a yearlong internship in a local nonprofit or civic organization.


The College of Education is structured so that you graduate with a second major. You’ll also work directly with an adviser to personalize your studies based on career goals. This way, you’ll be fully prepared to leverage your educational studies focus in the area that matters the most to you.

Complete the program on time.

The program is designed to help you complete your degree in four years. In addition to the course work and yearlong internship, you’ll participate in service-learning experiences during the first three years of the program.

Suggested curriculum

Major courses are bolded.


  • Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society
  • Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents in a Diverse Society
  • Rhetoric and Composition I & II
  • Foreign Language I & II
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Service Learning
  • Non-Western History
  • Biology for Non-science Majors or Major Concepts in Modern Science
  • Earth and Environmental Physics or Major Concepts in Modern Science


  • Introduction to Learning and Assessment
  • History
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Individual and Social Behavior
  • Four Major Courses
  • Educational Studies Elective
  • Service Learning


  • Diversity in Organizations
  • Critical Inquiry into Contemporary Issues
  • Diversity in Organizations
  • Critical Inquiry into Contemporary Issues
  • Human Nature and Ethics
  • Four Major Courses
  • Theology Elective
  • Literature/Performing Arts Elective
  • Elective
  • Educational Studies Elective
  • Service Learning


  • Philosophy of Education
  • Educational Studies Seminar
  • Senior Internship I & II
  • Two Major Courses
  • Fine Arts Elective
  • Three Elective Courses