International Business Major

More than $8 trillion in goods and services is traded annually on the international level — up 400 percent during the past 20 years. A quarter of the United States' gross national product results from international trade. As firms worldwide become more dependent upon international trade — many multinationals do business in more than 100 countries — the need for graduates with global communication and business skills continues to increase.

Get your foot in the door.

You typically need to distinguish yourself in a business foundation, such as accounting, marketing or finance, before you can move into the international sector of a firm. That's why we require international business majors to maximize their marketability by having a second business major, which takes four years to complete.

Do more in four years.

As a Marquette international business major, you will study abroad for a semester or year, be proficient in a foreign language (and perhaps earn a minor) and choose a second major in business (accounting, economics, finance, real estate, human resources management, information technology, marketing or operations and supply chain management). Ours is the only program in the country to combine all of these elements in an undergraduate international business major. Consider our program in Applied Investment Management with real-time, real-money investment and global investment internship opportunities.

Join Marquette's global village.

As an international business major, you can interact with business students from universities in Europe, Asia and Latin America visiting Marquette as exchange students. You can also tap into Marquette's buddy system, connecting you with mentors and internship opportunities.

Parlez-vous Español.

You have several languages to choose from at Marquette. As an international business major, you'll deepen your language proficiency when you spend a semester or full year studying abroad at dozens of institutions throughout the world.

Some of the classes you'll take:

  • International Accounting
  • Global Integration of Financial Sectors
  • Development Economics
  • Global Logistics Management

For a complete listing of required courses for the program in international business, please visit the Marquette University Online Bulletin at this link.